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 Premium Access to Printable Reading Games

If you would like to gain access to the Premium page, you just need to donate $5 or more to assist with the upkeep of this site.

Click on Donations and you can safely donate via Paypal. Make sure you don't donate anonymously - enter your details: name and email address.

I will get a message about your donation and will respond within a couple of days via email, with the link to the private page with the games on.  

If you don't hear from me in 2-3 days, please contact me (see the Contact Me link - here, in the menu at the top, or at the side of the page) ...and also check your Spam folder in case my email ends up in there.

July 2017 - There is a problem with my images stored in Photobucket, who have just recently decided to no longer allow image hosting for websites etc. without a monthly payment - which I certainly cannot afford without any income - the odd donation only covers the basic site costs if I'm lucky.

I am hoping I can find get back my images from Photobucket (currently not available to me!) and find an alternative for the images on this site, but if it becomes too difficult, I may have to delete content or even close the site.

In the meantime, please forgive the ugly "PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT...." signs from Photobucket; I will try to replace as many as possible with the correct images when I can.   

What is on the Premium Access Page

As well as the free games on the Reading Games to Print page, there are many different games to print and play with children to help them develop their reading skills:


Board Games to use with Sight Vocabulary Cards / Flash Cards








 Games and cards to use for Learning Letter Sounds






Games to Teach Letter Blends, Digraphs etc











 Board Games to Teach Simple Sight Words




Seasonal Board Games





 Make Your Own Board Games




   Trenitalia - the Italian Train Game  











Spinners and Dice to make





How the  Premium Access Page works

The Premium Access page has all current games (as at end 2011) for you to download in PDF format, to use for strictly non-commercial private/educational use. The page will be operational for 1- 3 months from the time I send you the link. 

The games have all been developed by me and are not available anywhere else, apart from some that I may list in my eBay store. If you bought the games separately, they would each cost more than $5. A book of similar games would cost $60 or more.

I chose $5 as the minimum donation as I feel that almost everyone can afford that, and I would like the games to be accessible by all...however, I do need to cover some of my ongoing costs in offering these resources for anyone to use. (If for some reason you really can't afford $5, please contact me).

I will review this system at the end of January 2012 to see if it's working and if I can continue with the site. I may have to increase the minimum donation for Premium Access, so jump in now if you want the access (I'll keep the Premium Access Page going for the 3 months from now at least). 

The games here are all copyright and may not be used for commercial purposes or shared in any way. I do not own all the artwork used in the games so I do not sell games where I have used others' artwork, unless in the Public Domain or with a commercial license.  


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