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The printable Reading Games on this page are available for free download, but they are only for private/educational, strictly non-commercial use and they may not be shared or published elsewhere without my written permission. 

Please note: the games and sheets are in .PDF format; the links will take you to a Dropbox folder, but you don't need to sign up to access the files!


You can access more reading games- the full range of games I have currently developed - for a donation of only $5. This is less than the cost of buying just one game, and will give you access to over 30 Reading Games/word sheets etc!

I have been operating this site as a hobby, but due to the increased costs of running the site (which is in addition to the countless hours spent in developing and publishing the games), I have been forced to re-assess how I offer my resources.  I have decided to try out a "Premium Access" scheme to help keep the site open.

If you donate $5 or more, I will email you a link to a Premium Access Page which has all my current games on it. This page will be available for at least 3 months, so you may download whatever you like for your private/educational use.

This offer is current for January 2012, After that, I will re-evaluate the scheme to see if it is worthwhile continuing/if I need to increase the contribution amount.

July 2017 - There is a problem with my images stored in Photobucket, who have just recently decided to no longer allow image hosting for websites etc. without a monthly payment - which I certainly cannot afford without any income.

I am hoping I can find get back my images from them (currently not available to me!) and find an alternative for the images on this site, but if it becomes too difficult, I may have to delete content or even close the site.

In the meantime, please forgive the ugly "PLEASE UPDATE YOUR ACCOUNT...." signs from Photobucket; I will try to eliminate as many as possible but I don't know when or where they may pop up.  


Please Contact Me if you have any queries or comments,

Free Printable Board Games

These games are designed to be printed onto A4 light card. They can be laminated for durability.

If you prefer, you can print onto A4 paper. If you want to save on printing costs, you could print in greyscale, and let your child colour them in (they may like to add extra touches to the colour versions, too).

You will also need a die (dice) or spinner (see below) and some "movers"- buttons, shells, tiny toys etc. Most of the games will need a set of Word Cards - use thick paper or card to make these, with the words your child needs to learn written on one side.

I keep an eye out in cheap $2-type shops for packs of A4 coloured card- this makes lovely word cards. (Originally, I used coloured card for the boards, and added coloured stickers for the pictures, but I'm re-doing the boards with clipart pictures so most will need to be printed on white).

So, below are the links to the free games- they are in PDF format; click on the links to open or print the games.


 Spinner to Make

PDF files with spinners to print, dice and instructions for making them are available on my Premium Access page  

or you can print out this image

for a single spinner:

click on this thumbnail

for a larger image. 

Board Games to use with Word cards, Flash cards

        Snakes and Ladders-

This is an old favourite, re-vamped. It's always popular.

You can print onto coloured card, or use white card and colour in. I also add highlights with a gold or silver pen to jazz up this board when printed onto coloured card.



                                                Butterflies and Bugs





Sea Monkeys Reading Game 





For lots more printable Reading Board Games, visit my Premium Access Page by just donating $5 or more to keep this site going!

New free printable reading game each month


I have been publishing a free printable game each month, and I will try to continue with that, but I am now going to put them in my Reading Should be Fun blog rather than on this page. 

These games will be free for you to download during the month to use for your  private/educational (strictly non- commercial) use. 

Don't forget to "Like" the Free Fun and Games page on  Facebook for updates about new free games etc., and check out my blog for more free printables and tips:




Free printable Board Game ...

"Sticker Fun"  Make-Your-own Board Game

to use with Sight Words cards 

I made this simple game for my students to take home in the holidays, to encourage them to practise their sight words. It's cheap to copy off onto paper for the children to make their own, but if you want to make games for classroom/take-home use, you'd be better to use light card and to laminate the finished game.


The value of this is that it's so quick, cheap and variable. You can just use any little stickers, and different coloured card/decorations, to suit your children. There is such a variety of stickers available now that you're bound to find some that motivate your children! 

To play the game, you'll just need some kind of tokens (‘movers’), a die or spinner, and some Sight Words cards. The blank board and the instructions are in PDF files- click on the links below.


 PDF download links:   Sticker Fun Make-Your-Own Game Board - blank board

                                    Sticker Fun Make-Your-Own Game Board - instructions 



You can download lots more games from my Premium Access page for just a small ($5) donation to help keep the site running; to see what's available, visit   Premium Access to Games  


Free  printable word game - CATCHING FISH

FISH (word cards)

I created these fish cards because I needed a quick, cheap way of making different word cards to use in fun games with my various small groups.

All the children love to play the 'fishing' game. I use a 'rod' made from a plastic stick bought from a party shop (the kind they tie a balloon to), but you can use any kind of light stick; it has a short piece of string/thin ribbon with a small magnet taped onto the end.


These fish are very easy and super cheap to make- just print/copy sheets of fish onto paper (thick/coloured paper if you wish), and cut out the 'cards'. I can do 5 sheets at once on the cutter, so I get lots of fish cards. You can get the children to colour the fish with pencils. Write your words on the back of the cards with thick pencil, and add a staple or 2 to each card near the fish's mouth.

You just need to put the 'fish', word side down, on the floor, have the children sit around, and let them try to 'catch' the fish and read the words on the back.

I use the fish 'cards' for different kinds of words: sight vocab, 'bossy e', words with consonant blends, ee/ea words, etc., depending on the need of the group. These ones are particularly suitable for playing "Oddfish", using made-up words for children to practise decoding- simple cvc words, e.g. han, ret or words using consonant blends, e.g. flen, crob.

The rules we use are:

  • Keep the magnet down, and don't flick the rod, so the magnet doesn't flick into anyone's face 
  • Each player in turn has 3 goes to pick up a fish with the rod; if the fish drops off/doesn't stick, the player must pass the rod on to the next person
  • If the player can't read the word on the back, he/she must 'throw' (put) the fish back.

For a co-operative, non-competitive version, let the children put all the fish they 'catch' on a plastic plate to 'share for dinner' - they may like to think of some other people they would like to invite to dinner.


To open the  PDF sheet of fish to print, click on this picture:


 This game is free for you to download and use for private/educational (strictly non-commercial) use. 

Lots more games are available on my Premium Access page for a small donation to help keep the site running; to see what's included, visit Premium Access to Games   


 Make Your Own Reading/Educational Games

You can easily make your own attractive, enjoyable and educational games for your children or students, using sheets of A4 light card and cheap little stickers (you can find card and stickers in many places including craft stores, variety stores, $2 shops or newsagents).

I have made a sheet of instructions in PDF that you can download here. There are also some blank boards you can print: click on the picture below for a free blank board to use:

Games to Play with Sight Words Flashcards- ideas, instructions

Here are some games that you can play with your child's word cards ("Flashcards"). They don't need a board, just the cards and maybe a few extras. Just click on the links below to open or download the instructions:

 - Word Memory/concentrationseveral versions of this old game

 - Kim's Game - build memory skills as well as word recognition

 - 1,2,3 Bonus - an original game for 2 or more children

 - Treasure Hoard - ideal for a small group.



Let's Beat the Bogey-monster

- a co-operative game for children to play as a group with an adult (may also be used with one child). 




"Treasure Plus" game 

My students have been really enjoying these variations on "Treasure Hoard" (above).

In these games, players can win bonus treasure by spotting rhyming words/matching sounds.

It can be played as a small group game (or one child with an adult).

This game (and Treasure Hoard) may also be played as a "non-competitive" game ('Blackbeard the Pirate" also has a treasure chest in this version; he wins treasure if none of the children can read a word- this way, all the children invariably "win" against Blackbeard).

Click on these links to open/save the PDF with instructions for the games:

Treasure Plus - game - Level 1: sight words, word families, rhyme

Treasure Plus - game - Level 2: Vowel Blends 


FREE GAMES for 2020

With so much hardship and disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic, children are suffering from fear as well as from being cut off from their schoolmates, friends and older family members. It's difficult, if not impossible, to maintain a sense of normal life continuing when they are faced with daily reminders of death and hardship. 

Playing games as a family can help to keep some lighter moments going, and to maintain some of the educational needs in these troubled times.

I will be posting free printable games etc. in my blog, ReadingShouldBeFun , over the coming weeks. These will be available for download during the rest of 2020 (and longer if needs be).

Here is a game I've created to help children feel they still have some power when it comes to beating the virus: 


Bug Bashers Game - colour_PDF   or   Bug Bashers Game - colour_JPG

Bug Bashers Game - b&w_PDF or Bug Bashers Game - b&w_JPG 

You can download it in colour or in black & white (so children can colour it in themselves). If the fonts don't work on your computer in the ,PDF versions, try the .JPG ones. You'll also need a die (dice) and some tokens or 'movers' (small buttons/stones etc). 

Check out the ReadingShouldBeFun blog for more games :) 

You could also let your children make their own game boards, to encourage creativity and to help give them more control over their fears.

Terms of Use: All resources on this site have been developed by me and are copyright. They are free for strictly non-commercial use, for private or educational purposes.

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